Security Technology Solutions

Endpoint Security Solutions (Anti Malware, DLP, Encryption, Threat Prevention)
Gateway Security Solutions – NGFWs, Content Inspection Data Loss Prevention, Intrusion Prevention, Advanced Persistent Threats, Web Application Firewalls
Vulnerability Management Solutions

Access Management Solutions

Identity & Access Management Solutions
Privilege Management Solutions
Access and Privilege Certification Process Development

Security Assessments

Publicly Accessible Network Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing
Internal / Private Network Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing
WLAN Security Assessment
Web Application Runtime Assessment
Database Security Assessment
SAP Security Assessment
o365 Security Assessment

Security Strategic Assessments

Advanced Peristent Threats Analysis
Security Technology Effectiveness Audits
SANS 20 Security Assessment
IoT Security Assessment
AWS Security Assessment
Infrastructure Security Assessment and Technology RoadMap Development
Strategic Security Masterplan Development