SSCI can take care of all your virtualization needs. Virtual devices created to provide more execution environments on your server device allows for great cost saving on expensive hardware.


Virtualization is a core part of server IT solutions, impacting infrastructure and operations. It will help reduce server footprint, fully utilize under-used capacity and more effectively manage IT resources. As a result of a smaller server footprint and increased utilization, virtualization can help reduce energy consumption and floor space requirements.


Virtualization of your servers with SSCI will not only save you from additional hardware costs but provides the following advantages:

  • Migrate your machines: Converting physical machines into virtual machines provides the ability to migrate virtual machines to any hardware.
  • Mobility: Virtualization allows for the access to information anywhere. It increases your ability to support a mobile workforce and scale easily.
  • Public or Private Cloud: We can help you with virtualization of your environment in a public, private or hybrid model.
  • Hyper-V or VMWare: Our technicians are certified on the latest Microsoft and VMWare technologies.