VPN Services, Access ports and Wi-fi

VPN Services
Secure networking requires more than purchasing security hardware or software. To ensure the required security level, the solution must be planned and deployed based on the requirements. Once operational, the system must be maintained and security updated regularly to guarantee reliable operation and preserve the level of information security throughout the life cycle.
SSCI VPN services provide an easy way to high security networking. Our services protect critical network connections and data transfer as it stays on secured virtual private networks.


Wi-Fi and Access Ports

In today’s fast paced business environment, traditional network cables are no longer enough. Having a solid Wi-Fi network for all the mobile and cloud devices for your employees, along with a guest Wi-Fi helps maintain business operations running smoothly. The SSCI team will take care of the design and installation of a well secured Wi-Fi network that compliments yours cabling to form a complete networking package.

Our on-going management and maintenance of your Wi-Fi service ensures that it flawlessly integrates into your existing IT infrastructure and provides the performance your business can rely on.

We also over all access port installations, whether it is multiple levels of just a single office or big warehouses requiring Wi-Fi access points at various places throughout.