SAP Solutions

Accommodating an in-house SAP support team for an organization involves several complexities, risk and increased costs in terms of resources, office space, visas etc. With time in-house teams become under-utilized and workloads are dramatically decreased once system has stabilizes few months subsequent to go-live. Outsourcing SAP support resolves these issues and reduces operational costs for businesses.

SAP BOBJ Support

SSCI provides integrated support of Business Objects Data Services within its Integrated Jobs Library. This allows users to integrate and support Data Services business processes with other technologies such as databases, applications and technologies within the centralized console of ActiveBatch.

SAP Data Services is a data integration and transformation software application. It allows users to develop and execute workflows that take data from predefined sources called data stores (applications, Web services, flat-files, databases, etc.) and then allows the user to combine, transform, and refine that data, and then output the results back to the same or different data stores.

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