Network Support

Let SSCI help you in removing the complexity of managing your own network infrastructure. Our comprehensive network management systems provide support and maintenance for a wide range of networking setups including LAN, wireless, firewall, content filtering, VPNs, WAN.

Our team provides end-to-end management of your network devices from routers and firewalls to local area network (LAN) switches. All our network services are scalable and customized to greatly increase and maximize the efficiency of your network investment so it consistently operates at peak performance.

SSCI actively plans for your company’s growth. We will include future planning discussions, budget forecasting, and a review of network security reports. These can also include life-cycle management and recommendations for alternative devices as your equipment approaches end-of-life, if necessary.

We are your one stop solutions for all your network management needs, including:

  • Cabling and Installation
  • Network management and solutions
  • Firewall and network security
  • VPN and Wi-FI
  • Secure Access Management and Managed Devices