Microsoft Support

SSCI provides a wide variety of software support to Microsoft related products. Our extensive range of support includes Servers, desktop operating systems and office suites.

Windows Server 2016/2012/2008: Whether it’s Microsoft brand new server software, previous or legacy one from 08, we cover them all. No matter what version is running on your servers, we provide fully integrated support. Upgrading or switching between these three operating systems has never been easier with SSCI. We provide seamless migration to the new system if required, without any worry of any data loss.

Windows 10/7: Windows 10 is Microsoft’s new robust desktop operating system with new innovations, features and security capabilities. SSCI is your one stop solution for all end user support, ranging from just installation and upgrade to training in advanced features. We understand some legacy programs still work only with Windows 7, so we provide full and equal support to the previous version. No matter what you are using rest assured knowing SSCI support team has it covered.

Office 365: Microsoft Office 365 is the next generation of Microsoft’s flexible cloud computing offering simplified everyday business practices and boosted organizational productivity. Opting for Office 365 relieves the overhead of infrastructure maintenance and management. Our dedicated support team will make sure your Office 365 suite is configured correctly and will take the management burden from you.